Thursday 9 June 2022

A revolution in roller door design

New DuraBelt anti-scratch system for GaraRoll roller doors

The new and improved GaraRoll roller door has been redesigned with a new DuraBelt anti-scratch system and a new smartphone compatible bisecur radio system.

Dust and dirt builds up on the surface of the roller door curtain over time and this can cause abrasion on the paintwork which can lead to scratches and markings. To overcome this issue, we have created DuraBelt, a unique anti-scratch system, designed to reduce scratches and prolong the life of the door curtain. 

New DuraBelt is made from durable and long-lasting material

The belt itself is made from a microcellular polyurethane elastomer, which was developed for us in the automotive industry because of its high abrasion resistance and its ability to withstand temperature related stress. The material also does not easily degrade when exposed to moisture, oil or grease. It provides a protective layer between each lath as it rolls up when the door is opened. 

The actual DuraBelt unit is hidden under the fascia panel and because the material is soft, there is less noise when running and no visible marking on the door curtain. The whole system has been developed exclusively for Garador’s GaraRoll roller doors and will provide continual long-lasting protection.  

New DuraBelt anti scratch system exclusively for GaraRoll roller doors

The new GaraRoll also features a stylish new control panel design and its got a built in Bluetooth receiver as standard, enabling homeowners to control their GaraRoll roller door using their smarphone via the BlueSecur app. The door also comes with two bisecur (868 MHz) hand transmitters as standard, for homeowners who prefer a more traditional remote control.

New GaraRoll control panel with BlueSecur smartphone connectivity

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