Thursday 10 August 2023

We’ve just launched a new Salisbury side-hinged door

New Salisbury side-hinged garage door
 That’s right, our product development team has been busy working to develop a new garage door design! After months of hard work, this time they’ve come up with a new Salisbury side-hinged model and it looks superb.

It’s been designed with multi-use garages in mind, where you can have the flexibility to use your garage for a range of functions but also get inside quickly and easily, especially when retrieving or storing gardening tools, bicycles or other large and cumbersome items. 

Salisbury side-hinged garage door windows

The new side hinged garage door comes with 2-point locking and concealed hinges for security and gas pistons which act as dampeners, ensuring a smooth and cushioned movement as the door is opened or closed. Weather proof sealing also helps keep wet and blustery conditions outside. Plus, there are also door stays to prevent the door blowing shut.

The opening system is designed for ease and comfort, with one fixed leaf and one leading leaf that makes it much easier to quickly get to what's being stored inside the garage. In situations where a car is being parked inside, both doors open outwards to offer maximum drive-through clearance and there aren’t any tracks or gear systems taking up valuable ceiling or wall space. So you've got full use of the space indoors.

Salisbury side-hinged lever handle

With this new model, we've replicated the already popular Salisbury up & over garage door design in a side-hinged door format. So if you like the Salisbury design for your garage door, but you prefer a side-hinged door, you now have the option to buy one! No need to compromise on your choice of garage door model.

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