Monday, 25 June 2018

Getting into your garage when there’s a power cut

It’s not an everyday occurrence, but when you do get a power cut you want to know that you can get into your garage. If you’ve got one of Garador’s retractable up & over garage doors fitted with a GaraMatic electric operator, then you will no doubt want to know the quickest and easiest way to get into your garage in the event of a power cut.

It’s pretty simple to do, but if you’ve never done it before then it can be a challenge, which is why we’ve also created a useful video to help you disconnect your Garador retractable door from the operator boom.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Added safety and convenience with Garador’s Light Beam Device


There are a fair few accessories available for garage doors and many of them are often overlooked, despite their benefits. A garage door light beam device (sometimes also referred to as a photo cell) is one such example that is potentially useful with Up & Over over garage doors using an electric operator to automatically open and close the door.

Aside from the convenience you get with a GaraMatic electric operator, by not having to manually open your garage door a Garador light beam device also provides additional peace of mind. As when the door is closing, should the infra-red light beam (on the photo cell) be broken the motor will stop the door there and then, allowing the obstruction to be removed. So the door will stop if the light beam is broken.

There are two types of light beam device, an internal version that is fitted inside the garage and an external one that is fitted just outside the garage. The internal version is required to run the GaraMatic 20’s self-closing timer option. The internal light beam device is supplied free of charge with all GaraMatic 20 operators. The external version of the light beam device has been design with protective covers, to ensure that if the device is exposed to direct sunlight or glare, that the light beam will continue to function properly and will be able to tell if an obstruction has broken the beam and the door therefore needs to reverse open.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Why is it important to choose a roller door with a hood cover?

Garador GaraRoll Lite box cover

It’s all too easy to overlook the complexities of a roller door and what differentiates a great roller door from an average one. The differences between a good roller door and a not so good one are pretty clear when you start to compare different manufacturer’s models, and one of the key differences not picked up on is whether the roller door is supplied with a hood cover for the laths to roll up in.

There are currently a number of different roller door manufacturers supplying the UK market, which offer either a partial box cover or a full box cover, for the garage door to roll up into; and there are also manufacturers that offer no box cover at all.

The box cover is also sometimes referred to as a ‘hood cover’ ‘roller box’ or ‘shutter box’. So let’s look at the various options on offer and see what their benefits and drawbacks are.

Full Box Cover (offered on GaraRoll and GaraRoll Lite as standard)

This style of design is chosen by Garador for both its GaraRoll and GaraRoll Lite roller garage door models. This approach has been taken to comprehensively meet European Safety Standards and all GaraRoll roller garage doors are therefore supplied with full box covers.

According to European Safety Standard BS EN 13241, the hood box cover is necessary to prevent an individual’s fingers from becoming caught or squashed by the door. The main European Safety Standard, BS EN 13241, also indicates that a box cover is necessary with roller doors up to a height of 2500mm, in order to prevent finger clamping.

It also has the added benefit of protecting the roller door curtain, which is made up of individual aluminium laths, from dust and dirt which could arise from activities such as woodworking or car maintenance inside the garage. These sorts of activities tend to result in splinters, bits of dirt, dust, grease and or particulates in the air, which will inevitably come into contact with the roller door.

The other benefit of having a full roller door box cover is that it also slightly helps to reduce noise from the laths rolling against one another as the door is raised and lowered.

For the GaraRoll, their design of box cover has a hinge connector to allow part of the box to be removed allowing for maintenance on the door curtain without having to completely dismantle the door. The box cover also has excellent seals ensuring it can adequately protect the door curtain inside.

Partial Box Cover or No Box Cover (NOT OFFERED BY GARADOR)

Garador does not offer a roller garage door with either a partial box cover or even no box cover at all. All GaraRoll and GaraRoll Lite roller doors are supplied with a full box cover as standard.

Whilst having a partial box cover or not having a box cover for a roller door may be acceptable for some types of garage and might not affect the long term operation of the roller door, there could be issues surrounding protecting the laths from activities which would make them dirty (i.e. wood working). There is also an aesthetic drawback, as the laths are visibly exposed, rather than being neatly tucked away inside a box.

Finally it is also worth noting, that if the roller door is not particularly high (i.e. anything below 2500mm high) and does not have any form of box cover at the head of the garage door opening, there is a risk that someone could touch the door whilst it is operating; accidentally trapping their fingers or an item of clothing as the door rolls up.

The reasons for choosing a roller door with or without a box cover, or even a partial box cover are stark in comparison. But for safety, durability and maintenance reasons investing in a full box cover is more often than not a good choice for any build project.

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Famous (and very successful) companies that started in a garage!

Our garages are used from storing tools or cars, through to extra living space or even a home office! Not to mention small business start-ups. One of the world’s most successful companies even started in their garage… Apple computers. Apple are one of the most famous one’s in my mind, but there are a host of others too. Check out the list below.

1. Hewlett Packard (1939).
In California, they’ve got a habit of starting new businesses in their garages! Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, both Stanford University engineering graduates, founded Hewlett Packard in Bill’s garage in Palo Alto in 1939. One of their first products was a precision audio oscillator, later followed by semi-conductor instruments and calculators.
Garage where Hewlett Packard started
2. Lotus Cars (1984).
So no British companies mentioned yet, I hear you say. Well a very famous sports car manufacturer, Lotus, was started in 1952 by Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman when he started to build early Lotus racing models in his parents’ North London garage. Undoubtedly one of the more traditional uses of a garage, storing and fixing cars. Lotus went on to become one of the World’s most renowned British manufacturers of sports and racing cars.
Garage in London where Lotus cars started
3. Apple (1976).
Back to California… once the world’s most valuable technology company, valued at $700 billion in 2012, all started in the garage of Steve Jobs’ childhood home in Los Altos California. Apparently, according to an interview with Steve Wozniak alot of the testing of early Apple computer models took place in the garage...
Garage in Los Altos, California where Apple computers started out
4. Google (1998).
Two more Stanford University graduates started a very famous company… Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, weren’t billionaires overnight… they had to start in a garage like so many other tech start-ups before them. They setup in Susan Wojcicki's (who later went on to become Google’s first marketing manager) garage in Menlo Park, April 1998.
Sergey and Larry Brin in Menlo Park garage where Google started
Lot’s of tech companies started in their garages in California and elsewhere over the last 50 years, not to mention a little known (at their inception) car company, Lotus, based here in the UK. These are obviously the most famous companies… Perhaps you’re thinking of starting your own company here in the UK. Why not use your garage! If you know of other companies, write them in the comments section below.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Our hand transmitter signals just got faster

Garador 4 button micro hand transmitter in matt blackThe signals transmitted from our Garador Series 3 hand transmitters are now even faster. Hand transmitters supplied with new GaraMatic operators will be upgraded with new software which enables a faster signal transmission, with obvious benefits of even faster response times for when you open your garage door.

Existing features such as the use of bi-directional FM radio signals, which use the same 128-bit encryption employed by banks for online banking security, mean the signal transmitted is very secure and almost impossible to copy. The bi-directional technology also means that the hand transmitters transmit a more reliable signal and can be used from further away from your garage. So if you are in the market for an automatic garage door, then our GaraMatic operators and handsets are a great choice.

In addition, Garador’s GaraMatic operators and hand transmitters continue to use rolling code technology, which means that each time a signal is sent from your Garador hand transmitter, a slightly different radio frequency is used, making it almost impossible for anyone to copy the signal or gain access to your garage through the garage door.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

We just raised £260 for Macmillan Cancer Support

Today and yesterday, the staff at Garador supported the Macmillan Coffee morning charity event, raising £260 by baking cakes and savouries. This year was bigger and better than ever, with more cakes and more money raised than last year.

The variety of cakes was tremendous too, with chocolate cherry cake, lemon drizzle cake, coffee cake, Aussie crunch, raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes, apple cupcakes, chocolate and orange cakes, and red velvet cake to name but a few. There were also lots of fantastic savouries like pizza swirls and sausage rolls!!!

Everyone really enjoyed the event and we look forward to doing it again next year. To find out more about the work this charity does, please visit the Macmillan Cancer Support website.

Cakes baked by Garador staff at the 2017 Macmillan Coffee morning

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Chartwell Green has just been added to our Up & Over range

New Chartwell Green (BS 4800) Colour from GaradorIf you are looking for a garage door in a colour to match your Chartwell Green windows or doors, you are in luck! We’ve just added Chartwell Green (BS 4800) as a standard colour across all our Up & Over, Side Hinged and Personnel steel garage door ranges.

The demand for different colour options often varies over time and one of the more recent trends that we have witnessed is the growth in popularity of Chartwell Green as a popular colour used on front entrance doors and window frames.

Although not a RAL colour, we have been working with our paint supplier to formulate this new colour which will complement the other colours in the existing range. The reference given to this colour will be Chartwell Green (BS 4800) and the price will remain the same as all the other colours with a delivery of approximately 4 weeks as for the popular standard colour options.

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