Monday, 20 March 2017

New Extended Range of FrontGuard Front Doors

Garador FGS 600 entrance door in Ruby Red (RAL 3003)We’ve just extended our range of FrontGuard and FrontGuard Plus front doors, to include five new models. The doors are in Modern, Contemporary and Classic designs, so there’s plenty to choose from.
Each of the doors in the FrontGuard range has been engineered to offer outstanding thermal insulation without compromising on security benefits, such as 5-point locking as standard. Doors are also supplied with RC2 security equipment. The FGS 600 in particular (pictured right), has been designed to last with a sturdy 1000mm long bar handle, and a robust profile cylinder for ease of locking. FrontGuard Plus doors have a thermal break built into the frame to further prevent heat loss.
The new doors include the FGS 410, FGS 430, FGS 450, FGS 515 and FGS 600. All of these models are available in FrontGuard Plus with an exceptionally well-insulated 65mm thick door panel, and the FGS 515 is available in both FrontGuard (46mm thick panel) and FrontGuard Plus (65mm thick panel). The glazing is 44mm thick too, so heat loss is kept to a minimum and the glazing is shatterproof, with safety glass on the inside pane, so in the event of the glass breaking it will not break into small pieces with sharp edges.
Plus there are matching garage doors in the existing Garador range, that won’t look out of place alongside your FrontGuard entrance door.
Visit the Garador website at to see the full range.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Three new colours to choose from…

We have just added three new standard colours to our steel garage door range; these include:

Pastel Green (RAL 6019)


Golden Oak (Solid)


Rosewood (Solid)


Each colour has been carefully selected to provide a broader choice for homeowners and specifiers looking for a coloured door that matches the aesthetic and architectural features of their home. Plus, when customers see the obvious benefits of a quality paint finish and rivet free door panel, which gives one of the smoothest and most attractive doors available on the market, they are far more likely to choose a Garador.

Visit to check out the new colours.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Check Out The New GaraRoll Lite Roller Door

We’ve just launched a new economy version of Garador’s popular GaraRoll roller garage door, the aptly named ‘GaraRoll Lite’. With a tubular driven motor design and insulated aluminium laths, this value added roller garage door is a great choice for homeowners looking for value, a functional design and quality engineering, all at an affordable price.

Tubular Motor Driven Operator and Hand Transmitters
The GaraRoll Lite is supplied with a tubular motor driven operator and 2 hand transmitters as standard, as well as a hand crank for use to open/ close the door in the event of a power failure. A built-in internal courtesy light with 2 minute delay provides added convenience.

Cover Supplied as Standard
Not dissimilar to the original GaraRoll, the GaraRoll Lite is supplied with a full cover for the curtain, at the top of the garage door when it is rolled up.

Optical Sensor for Safety
An optical sensor has been fitted into the floor seal to ensure that the door curtain stops, in the event of an obstruction. It utilises light beam technology, whereby when the beam is broken the door will stop.

Easy to Install
The GaraRoll Lite is easy to install, with a handy-belt system for ease of fitting the curtain to the barrel, as with the standard GaraRoll.

Reduced Guide Width
Guides of 72mm which are not normally found on domestic roller doors, means the door can be fitted behind 75mm reveals.

With a significant cost advantage and an expertly engineered design, the GaraRoll Lite is a great choice for homeowners in need of a space saving garage door.

Monday, 3 October 2016

New October 2016 Garador Price List Launched

Front cover of Garador 2016 price list

We’ve just launched the new 2016 Garador price list which contains important new technical and product updates to our range of garage doors. This will apply to all orders placed from Monday 3rd October 2016.

Since our last price list, we have launched a new GaraRoll Lite roller door which can be purchased at a significant cost advantage. We have also updated our colour range on steel up & over doors, to include three new colour finishes:

  • Pastel Green (RAL 6019)

  • Golden Oak (Solid)

  • Rosewood (Solid)

Furthermore, we have introduced a broader selection of metric and imperial sizes on our sectional garage door range, to more closely match the needs of builders and specifiers. In due course, we will also soon be providing our new 4-button micro hand transmitter with our GaraMatic operators as standard. A pdf of the new Garador price list is available online now.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Do more with your GaraMatic operator, with the new 4-button hand transmitter

Very soon, our GaraMatic operator packages will be supplied with a new compact 4 button garage door hand transmitter. The new 4 button hand transmitters will incorporate the same ultra-secure technology and ergonomic design as their 2 button counterparts.

So for customers seeking a compact hand transmitter design that will fit on their key ring, or in their pocket more easily than some of the more bulky handsets currently on the market, whilst offering 4 buttons instead of 2, this is a great addition.

Control More Doors with a Compact Design: Because the new hand transmitter has 4 buttons, you can control up to 4 doors, where it was previously just 2 doors.

Programme Each of the 4 Buttons to Perform a Different Function: With more buttons, you could programme one button on the handset to open a gate or garage door, a second button to open the garage door, a third button to turn on the light on the GaraMatic 10 operator unit and, possibly the fourth button to activate the partial opening feature.

Matt Black Textured Surface: The new 4 button hand transmitter features the understated, classy matt black textured surface.

Ultra-Secure Technology: The new 4 button hand transmitter utilises high frequency (868 MHz) encryption signals for added security, ensuring no one can copy your signal. Furthermore, the use of bi-directional radio signals increases the range and reliability of the handset, enabling customers to control their garage door from even further away.

As current stocks run out, GaraMatic operator units will be replaced and shipped with new handsets; two 4 button hand transmitters for GaraMatic 9, and a 4 button and 5 button hand transmitter with GaraMatic 10 and 20 models. For further information on this hand transmitter, check out the Garador website.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Did anyone say Coffee Morning?

It’s that time of year again and we have just finished running our two day coffee morning (28 - 29th September) at the Garador offices here in Yeovil, all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This year we introduced savouries, as well as some very delicious sweet cakes, into the mix… just to shake things up a bit, and it has been a real success with £224.00 raised for the charity!!!

Cakes and savouries for Garador Macmillan Coffee Morning

As you can see in the picture above, we saw more delicious cakes to tickle our taste buds, including lemon drizzle cake, chocolate cake, triple chocolate cookies, iced cupcakes, malteser cakes, Oreo cupcakes… and that’s just the sweet stuff. The savouries included a 3 cheese quiche, mini ham and cheese pizzas and sausage rolls… all lovingly home made by the office staff here at Garador.

Feel free to check out the Macmillan Coffee Morning website to find out more about the charity event, including recipes, local events and hosting your own!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Garador Supports Charity Cycle to work Day

Cycle to Work Day logoGarador have decided to support Britain’s ‘Cycle to Work Day’ and reward any member of staff that cycled to work on 14th September 2016, with a free croissant and coffee!

It was a lovely sunny today in Yeovil and a great day for our Charity ‘Cycle to Work Day’. Lots of Garador staff took part and there was a great effort and some great mileage with both Neil Bond and Pete Rice doing 26 miles putting them at the top of the leader board in terms of distance, although Pete Rice did cycle his route on a mountain bike so probably deserves the crown!

Between all of the Garador staff who took part, they clocked up over 250 miles today and collected over £25 which Garador will make up to £30, before doubling to £60 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Check out the Cycle to Work Day website for more details of how it works.