Wednesday 2 December 2015

New FrontGuard Plus Doors Added to the Range!!

Garadors FrontGuard Plus 800 and 810 front doors

Ultra-thermal efficiency and high security is what the FGS 800 and FGS 810 FrontGuard Plus modern entrance doors deliver. With the addition of these two new door designs, this modern range of entrance doors now looks far more comprehensive with a choice of styles to match any home.

These modern front doors have been expertly designed to match many of Garador’s designer garage doors. The FGS 800 and the FGS 810 are the perfect complement to the 201 design range garage door and the 203 design range garage door respectively.

The ultra-modern design isn’t just superficial, it continues throughout the door with an extremely well-engineered design with 5 point security locking and RC2 security equipment for extra security, double rebate on the door seal, triple rubber seal on the bottom of the door, robust steel door fascia, 65mm thick high density PU foam in the door panel, thermal breaks inside the frame and the list goes on... The FrontGuard range also now includes the option of new technical features such as opening your door with a hand transmitter, finger scanner and transponder for added convenience.

Looking beyond the functionality of the door to its aesthetic impact on the property; both the FGS 800 and FGS 810 provide a great first impression. The square windows allow light into the doorway for a light and airy feel inside the property, whilst the sand blasted glass helps to maintain some privacy. Both the garage doors and front doors feature brushed stainless steel elements and a range of perfectly matching colours, including the exclusive titan metallic colour for an ultra-modern look. There are 16 colours to choose from on FrontGuard and FrontGuard Plus doors.

The thermal and acoustic insulation is fantastic for these entrance doors, with U-values down to 0.93 W/m² K. U-values are a measure of how effective a material is as an insulator. Thus, they are a great choice for homeowners seeking an entrance door that helps to keep the heat inside their home and their energy bills down.

Choose from a range of standard and purpose made sizes. Find your nearest stockist on the Garador website.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

What is Retractable Plus gear?

One of the most common questions we get asked is what is Garador’s retractable plus gear, and what differentiates it from retractable gearing, or even canopy gearing? In this blog post we’ll help to demystify this type of operating gear and consider it’s functionality as well as some of it’s most beneficial features.

garador retractable plus gearing

Garador’s Retractable Plus operating gear is available on Up & Over garage doors. Retractable Plus gearing employs specially designed lifting arms and bottom spring brackets, along with many tried and tested components to create a drive-through width that is substantially greater than that provided by standard retractable gear. The Garador retractable plus operating gear also conforms to British Standard BS EN 12604.

Retractable Plus Gearing is Available for door widths up to 7’6” wide:

Door height

Clear height below lifting arms







Some of the key benefits of a retractable plus door:

  • Specially designed link arms and non-protruding springs provide extra drive through width for narrow openings.
  • Multiple spring cassette with lifting arm trap protection, to help prevent getting your fingers trapped.
  • Rotary Slam latch system making closing easier and locking far more secure.
  • Horizontal tracks have a secure parking position when door is in the open position, to prevent the door from uncontrolled closing.

Many customer’s simply aren’t aware of this gearing option and therefore don’t think to choose it, even though it can provide extra drive through width; which is a real advantage over other gear types when your garage has a narrow opening. If your garage is quite a tight fit for your car, then retractable plus lifting gear could provide you with that little bit of extra space that makes all the difference. Check out our Up and Over garage door range to find a garage door that’s perfect for your property.

To find your nearest garage door stockist, please visit the Garador website.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

A Beginners Guide to Steel Up & Over Garage Doors!

Buying a new garage door can be a tricky undertaking, especially when you consider the range of door types, materials and brands on offer. Which one is better? Which one is right for my garage? In this post, we’ll guide you through the UK’s most popular door type; steel up & over garage doors. This should give a better idea of what works and what to look for…



So let’s start with the basics. When you consider the cost of a Garador steel Up & Over door, compared to either a GRP or Timber Up & Over garage door, the steel garage door is often substantially cheaper. For example, Garador’s cheapest steel door (as of October 2015) is a Garador Horizon at £458.00 (7066 door size). As you can see in the table below, the others are far more expensive. So it’s no surprise, steel is the most popular Up & Over door type.

Garador Up & Over Garage Doors


Price (excl vat)





Vertical Cedar





(All doors are 7066 door size – Garador October 2015 price list).



But you don’t want to buy the cheapest possible door that won’t last right? Longevity is important in a steel Up & Over door and we’ve factored that in. Most doors are designed to last, but perhaps some more than others. Which is why it’s important to buy a door which has been constructed from high grade galvanised steel (which Garador’s are), to ensure that they don’t rust. It’s also important to have a thick, quality paint finish that’s going to withstand all that the great British winter can throw at it; all the rain, sleet, snow, dust and leaves that are so common here in the UK.

The component parts of the door should be sturdy, strong and long-lasting, from the latches, cables, locking rods and springs, through to the paint finish. A warranty often brings added peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Luckily, all Garador steel Up & Over doors come with a 10 year limited warranty as standard.

Garador Salisbury Steel Up & Over Garage Door



Choosing the right lifting gear, can be a tricky one, with three types to choose from:

Garador Canopy Gear1. Canopy gear:

An Up & Over garage door with canopy gear, protrudes approximately 1/3 when open. There are no tracks in the garage when the door is closed and the door features an anti-drop safety system.

Garador Retractable Gear2. Retractable gear:

An Up & Over garage door with retractable gear opens on horizontal tracks which run back into the garage and does not protrude when open. It is ideally suited for electric operation and is virtually maintenance free.

Garador Retractable Plus Gear3. Retractable plus gear:

Up & Over garage doors with retractable plus gear, are essentially the same as those with a retractable gear, but feature specially designed lifting arms and bottom spring brackets which provides a larger opening width.

Retractable gearing is generally more expensive than canopy, but is a must if you are looking to automate your door with an automatic operator.



Garador-old-clean-me-garage-doorIt is recommended that steel doors are cleaned fairly regularly with a mild soap based solution, to prevent build-up of dirt, corrosive substances and to maintain the appearance of the door. In relative terms, they are low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

With Garador steel doors you can choose from a range of designs, including wide profiled, panelled and design range doors. Browse Garador’s steel up & over doors online to find out more.





Security and Safety

Secured by Design logoFor three of Garador’s steel up & over garage doors, there is the option to upgrade to Secured by Design, a UK Police initiative aimed at designing high security building products which can withstand a break in. So if extra security is high on your list, you can buy a door which delivers an entrance solution that will meet your needs. These models are the Carlton, Horizon and Salisbury; which together form the Garador Guardian range.

As with all Up & Over garage doors sold in the UK, Garador sell Up & Over garage doors which comply with British safety standards BS EN 13241, providing our customers with peace of mind that their door is safe, as well as being secure.

This should be a good starter for most beginners, looking to learn more about steel garage doors, and in particular steel up & over garage doors! Check out the full range of Up & Over garage door designs and colours online now.

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Garador Macmillan Coffee Morning - £145 raised!!!

Garador-Macmillan-Coffee -Morning-2015We’ve been busy baking cakes again, and all for a very worthy charitable cause – Macmillan Cancer Support. The coffee morning ran yesterday  and was a great success. This year we managed to raise £145 at our Macmillan Coffee Morning, with lots of the staff here at Garador using their baking talents to make some delicious coffee cakes, cupcakes, Victoria sponges and much, much more!!!

Friday 21 August 2015

Garage Door Types Explained

If you are in the market for a new garage door, check out our range of YouTube videos explaining the different features of each type of garage door.

Garador garage doors are expertly engineered, and by watching these videos we hope to give you the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing a new garage door. Visit our Garage Doors Explained page, to find out more about Up & Over, Sectional, Roller and Side Hinged garage doors.

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Thursday 16 July 2015

A Beginner’s Guide to Steel Garage Door Frames…

When people come to buy a new Up & Over garage door, they are sometimes offered a steel frame. More often than not, they say ‘we never had a steel frame on the old door, and that one was fine… it lasted for years’. That may well be true, the steel frame isn’t essential, but it sure does make life a lot easier.

Internal shot of opening Garador garage door with steel frame

Straight onto the brickwork

It makes the door quicker and easier to fit and the steel frame can go straight onto the brickwork. Rather than fitting a timber frame to the brickwork, then fitting your garage door to the timber frame. Furthermore, a steel frame is there for the long run. Whilst a timber frame may warp or rot over time, the steel frame will last.

Cost savings

But how does that help me? I hear you say, well… most homeowners will have an existing timber frame to fit the garage door onto, but if the timber frame is on its way out (i.e. it’s a bit spongy or even slightly rotten) then the cost of replacing the timber frame is likely to exceed that of a steel frame. Especially when you factor in costs such as the cost of the wood to build a new timber frame and the cost of labour for a builder to construct it, it just doesn’t make sense.

A more accurate fit

Steel frames for Up & Over doors are an ancillary benefit, but they do offer a more accurate way of fitting the garage door too, so the door functions at maximum efficiency. The frame itself is constructed from high grade galvanised steel, to prevent rusting. With a precision design, it’s also engineered to fit the door size that you have ordered exactly… so your fitter can more accurately fit the door and there is no need for PVC cladding to fill-in unsightly gaps which are sometimes found around a timber sub-frame.

A colour to match

For those who like to have a coloured frame that matches, the steel frame comes factory painted and the exact same colour of paint can be used so there is no risk of getting a colour that isn’t quite right.

Any Up & Over gear type

A steel frame can be fitted to an Up & Over garage door with any type of gear, including:

  • Canopy gear
  • Retractable gear
  • Retractable Plus gear

Garador canopy Up & Over door with frame

So here’s a quick summary… to put it simply, a steel frame for a Garador Up & Over garage door means:

  • A faster and more accurate way to fit the door
  • There is no need to paint the frame, as it is supplied pre-painted.
  • The colour of the steel frame will match the colour of your garage door!
  • There is no need for PVC cladding to fill in unsightly gaps around a timber frame.
  • A steel frame will stand the test of time, unlike a timber frame which may warp or rot overtime.

Ordering a steel frame with an Up & Over garage door could be a great choice for your property. There’s no need to order a separate frame on Sectional or GaraRoll roller garage doors, as these are supplied with their own framework.

Talk to your local Garador stockist to find out more.

Monday 29 June 2015

Going on your Summer Holidays? Check out these security tips…

Summer is finally here – the suns out, the weather is warm and at some point most families will be going away on their summer holidays to the Devon or Cornish coastlines, or abroad to places like France and Spain. We all travel hundreds of miles leaving our homes and garages unattended and whilst many think a break in will never happen to us, it’s always good to be prepared and ensure there are no easy points of entry to your home. So what are the most common points of entry? Let’s have a look…


Entrance Doors

Garador FrontGuard FGS700 front door and surroundOften, if it is a good neighbourhood, homeowners are inclined to leave their doors unlocked and even if the front door is locked, if there is a weak locking mechanism then unwanted intruders can still gain access to the property easily.

The Garador range of FrontGuard entrance doors have break in resistant RC2 security equipment, not to mention 5 point security locking. With 2 conical swing bolts, 2 security bolts and 1 additional lock bolt which insert into the frame’s lock plates, for even greater locking security, so the door can pulled tightly shut. FrontGuard doors also have 3 additional security bolts on the side hinges making it practically impossible to force the door open.


Garage Doors

Garador Carlton Up & Over garage door on houseGarage doors are often overlooked by their owners for their importance in preventing entry by burglars to their home. Despite accounting for as much as one-fifth of some homes, garage doors are sometimes viewed as an overpriced asset rather than a potential security risk and a lucrative entry point for an opportunistic burglar. A weak locking system, structurally poor chassis design and easily penetrable panel system are all perfect for burglars to take advantage of, which is why all Garador garage doors are equipped with specialist security features. Heck, we even introduced a specialist range of Secured by Design accredited Up & Over garage doors to deter those criminals even more.

Secured by Design (SBD), is an accreditation scheme owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products. Garador’s Guardian range is one of those product ranges. The Carlton, Horizon and Salisbury doors have been engineered to offer even greater security, with a reinforcing plate added to the lock body to prevent attacks against the locking mechanism and an anti-snap cylinder with sacrificial front to prevent entry. SBD doors also have 8 braces on the back of the door for extra strength and rigidity, rather than the standard 2 on other Up & Over garage doors.



Windows are another important security feature for any home and a potential point of entry for a burglar. Locking your windows, including those on a second story building, is an easy mistake to make but is worth doing if you are going away on holiday for a week or two.

It’s no surprise that most burglars don’t like a challenge because of the time and effort it will likely take them to overcome compared to the reward. There’s also the risk involved and the likelihood of getting caught. Timber windows that are old or worn are perceptually less of a challenge than new modern ones and will more than likely make the burglar think twice before breaking into your home.

So whilst you enjoy the sun, sea and sand this year, ask yourself is your home secure? Check out the Guardian Range of garage doors and our FrontGuard front door range.

Thursday 4 June 2015

Pedalling from Garador to Paris!

Two of Garador’s keenest cyclists, Steve Cottle and Geoff Babiy have just taken part in a charity cycle ride from Garador’s offices in Yeovil all the way to Paris and back again. They left all the high tech machinery behind at Garador’s modern Yeovil manufacturing facility for a life on the open road… for a few days at least!

Cyclists leaving the grounds of the Garador factory in Yeovil

All this was done to raise money for the local Yeovil Rotary Charity Fundraisers through their ‘Get Pedalling Programme’ which supports the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

New Colour and Timber Effect Finishes Now Available for GaraRoll

We have just launched four new colour finishes for the GaraRoll roller garage door, giving even more choice. The colours are:
The cream and Light Ivory colour finishes will add some warmth to a property’s colour palette, providing some differentiation from white PVC windows and doors. Whilst the deco paint options will complement existing timber architectural features, such as window frames and exterior cladding in lighter and darker variations. The deco paint option also provides a more cost effective option when compared to the foil coated timber effect finish.Visit the Garador website to view the new GaraRoll colour ranges.

The GaraRoll roller garage door in Golden Oak timber effect

Friday 20 March 2015

Operator Hand Transmitters take on a Stylish New Matt Black Look

Since their launch back in 2013, Garador Series 3 GaraMatic operators have set the standard, with sleek, modern hand transmitter designs and bi-directional ultra-secure functionality. We have now decided to take these modern hand transmitter designs and further push the boundaries of style with a change to textured matt black rather than the existing gloss finish. The new matt black finish will help to hide any small marks or scratches which are inevitable over time.

These new hand transmitters will ship with GaraMatic 9, GaraMatic 10 and GaraMatic 20 operators from late March 2015. The GaraMatic 10 and 20 operator units will come with 1 x five button hand transmitter and 1 x two button hand transmitter in matt black. Whilst the GaraMatic 9 operator unit, will come with 2 x two button hand transmitters in matt black.

If you were a fan of the old high gloss finish hand transmitters, fear not! These will still be available as accessories in a choice of 7 colours on the Garador spares shop. Click here to visit the spares shop.
Garador two button and five button matt black hand transmitters

Thursday 26 February 2015

New Secured by Design accredited Salisbury Garage Door

Garador Secured by Design Salisbury garage door in whiteWe’ve just added a new door to our high security Guardian range of garage doors, the Garador Salisbury. The Salisbury joins the Carlton and Horizon steel up & over doors to form a trio of Secured by Design accredited steel Up & Over garage doors.

These high security doors feature:

  • Additional Lock Body Protection.
  • Anti-snap Cylinder.
  • Improved Lock Security.
  • High Security Bracing.

Check out all the colour variations now on the Garador website!

Find out more about Garador’s Secured by Design Up & Over Doors Here.

Monday 26 January 2015

Jet Black (RAL 9005) Now Available as a Standard Colour Finish on Sectional Doors

We’ve just cut the price for ordering a Garador sectional garage door in Jet Black (RAL 9005)…with these cost savings you can order a whole range of Linear or Georgian designs in Jet Black (RAL 9005) at a much lower price. Up until now, when purchasing any Garador sectional garage door in Jet Black (RAL 9005), you had to pay a surcharge from £398 as it was a Special RAL Colour and required more time consuming production processes.

With immediate effect, we have now re-classified the Jet Black (RAL 9005) colour as a Standard Colour finish and thus the surcharge for sectional doors in this colour has been substantially reduced to prices from £145 (please see table below*). This has been made possible by an improvement in production processes, enabling us to deliver the same durable finish, at a lower production cost. The table below gives typical price variations which we are now able to pass on to you.

For further information on this finish or any other Garador product please visit the Garador website or contact the call team here in Yeovil.

Image of page 58 of Garador price list, shows Linear Large Sectional doors

* This is an excerpt from page 58 of the Garador August 2014 Price List.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Gas Prices Drop – But could you be saving money on your energy bills elsewhere?

Earlier this week British gas stated that they will drop their prices by 5% and lots of other energy suppliers have followed suit, so that could help to save some money on your heating bills. But you could be saving money elsewhere, not just by installing renewables such as solar panels or air source heat pumps. But by insulating your home – walls, roof, windows and of course doors. We’ve got front doors and garage doors covered, with a range of super thermally efficient designs in our FrontGuard front doors and Sectional garage door ranges. FrontGuard have 46mm thick high-density insulating foam and FrontGuard Plus have 65mm thick high density insulating foam. When you combine that with a 42mm Garador sectional garage door, you’re quids in!

Monday 12 January 2015

New Training Courses Now Open!

Garador 2015 training course brochure front coverOur 2015 product and installation training courses are now open for bookings! If you sell Garador garage doors and want to learn more about our garage doors, operators and accessories, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

Visit  for further details.

Monday 5 January 2015


A belated happy new year to all of our customers and stockists. Another year down for the count and the streets are filling up with joggers and exercise fanatics who will probably slip up in a few days and realise there is just no way that they can keep up with their new regimes. Perhaps you’ll join a ‘gym’ or a ‘gime’ as Homer Simpson calls it, or maybe you’ll convert your garage into a gym? Our sectional doors are perfect for home gyms and are insulated to keep the warmth inside! In 2015, the possibilities are endless… :o)