Tuesday 14 July 2020

6 Alternative uses for the space inside your garage

When you think of your garage, you probably think of a place that’s used for storing boxes or parking your car, but it can be used for so much more! It’s more often than not the case that we put things in our garage that we don’t use but simply can’t bear to part with. But it’s also a great space to use for leisure activities or hobbies and with modern insulated garage doors, like Garador’s sectional garage doors, you can create an environment that’s warm and dry.

With space often at a premium inside modern properties, taking advantage of the space inside your garage could be an excellent way to branch out and make better use of your property. In this blog post we’ll look at alternative uses for the space inside your garage, by transforming it into home offices, gym or even a home-based recording studio!

With that in mind, let’s explore a few different options:

1. Home Office

If you run a business without commercial premises or a large team, it would no doubt be helpful to have a space to organise your finances and generally manage your business. By utilising the space inside your garage as an office for your business, you can take steps to separate your work and home life by having a designated space as the location where you work from.

Establishing clear boundaries can certainly help to draw a clear line between when you are at home relaxing and when you are at home working. By investing in an insulated garage door, you could potentially still keep the space as a garage, but maintain an environment that is dry and doesn’t have any drafts blowing through, so you can comfortably do what you need to do when working. This is ideal for a tradesperson such as an electrician, plumber or carpenter who might prefer to also keep the garage, and use it as a dual work space.

Garage doors with windows in the top half of the design are conducive for a more pleasant working environment, letting natural light inside to make the room more illuminated.

2. Home Gym

Signing up for a gym membership is the easy part, but sticking with it is often a bit more challenging! By bringing the gym closer to home (or in this case, actually inside your garage) you make it that much easier to keep up with your exercise routine. But finding the space inside the main house can be tricky… but converting your garage to a home gym with all of the weights and exercise machines you prefer is a great option.

It’s a good idea to make sure that the garage is well ventilated if a home gym is something you are considering, as working out in an enclosed environment could make temperatures run high. But if you fit a Garador sectional garage door with an operator you can choose the ventilation setting, so that the garage door is partially open to let a nice cool breeze flow through the garage.

3. Home recording studio

If you are a keen musician or play in a band, then converting your garage space so you can practice or record music is an excellent idea. By bringing the whole studio into the garage, you would potentially have space for instruments like guitars and drums, and recording equipment such as microphones, a mixing desk and of course a personal computer.

Of course, if you are practising with a band then using the garage as a rehearsal area could upset the neighbours, but you could always build in some soundproofing measures to keep the noise to a minimum.

4. Car storage

When you want to store you pride enjoy away from the dust, dirt, wind and rain, there’s no better solution than your garage. By choosing a garage door that’s well-insulated and features rubber seals, such as the GaraRoll roller door, you can help create a clean, dry environment to park your car. Organising the existing space inside the garage with a shelving system means you don’t have to get rid of any bits that you’ve been storing in there but can instead just shuffle things around. Racks and holders on the walls or ceiling are an ideal way to store sports items such as skateboards and surfboards.

5. Games room

A games room needn’t be limited to computer games. Sure you could setup your Xbox or Playstation in the garage along with a sofa, some chairs, a giant 4k television, a cupboard for snacks and of course a fridge for drinks… but why stop there? If you’ve got the space you could also embrace all of the things your friends would enjoy popping over to play, such as a table tennis setup, table football, a darts board or even a pool table to play with your friends and really make the place feel like home. With a decent garage door fitted, you could make the garage warm and dry in winter, but also cool and airy in summer with the garage door open. The ideal choice would be a 42mm Garador sectional garage door.

Whilst this choice of hobbies and furniture might not appeal to everyone, you could always use the space in your garage as a place to relax and pursue other activities, perhaps with some books or an art easel and paints… the choice really is yours.

6. Workshop

Bringing some order to the chaos can completely transform a space, and if your garage has become a dumping ground for boxes, old clothes, unwanted toys and just about everything else you can think of then perhaps it’s time for a rethink? If you enjoy woodworking or fixing things, then converting your garage into a workshop could be perfect… getting rid of all your old stuff and bringing order to the chaos. You could buy a workstation to build stuff, a racking system to store tools and machines on the wall and a portable cabinet in case you want to work outside. Making a disorganised room more organised also has the added benefit of making you feel better!

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