Wednesday 31 July 2013

What handsets do I get with a Series 3 GaraMatic Operator?

We’ve had a few questions as of late, asking what handsets you get with a Series 3 GaraMatic operator. Series 3 Handsets are now available in black as standard with all Series 3 GaraMatic operators, including the GaraMatic 9, 10 and 20.

Each GaraMatic Operator features the following handsets:

Operator Handsets Included
GaraMatic-9-operatorGaraMatic 9 garador-handset-blackgarador-handset-black
GaraMatic 10-20 operatorGaraMatic 10 garador-handset-black-largegarador-handset-black
GaraMatic 10-20 operatorGaraMatic 20 garador-handset-black-largegarador-handset-black

Monday 22 July 2013

Garador Photo Competition - Congratulations Sean Goodall

Garador Photo Competition Winner Sean GoodallA massive congratulations to Sean Goodall from Fernie Garage Doors on winning the Garador Photo Competition, which has been running over the last couple of months. Sean sent through a series of great photo entries, complete with addresses and we were thoroughly impressed with his enthusiasm and desire to win.


Sean won a Garador Beaumont garage door and GaraMatic 10 Series 3 operator.