Wednesday 20 January 2021

Why build a wider garage opening?

Garador Linear Large Sectional Garage Door


Renovating your home can be a major undertaking, with a lot of planning and investment going into updating or refurbishing your existing building. Your garage is no different, and aside from garage conversions for different uses, refurbishments and developments which extend the width of the garage opening are on the up.

Modern saloon and estate cars are noticeably wider compared to what they were just two decades ago, so it’s no surprise that wider garages have grown in popularity. The width of some of the UK’s most popular cars has increased by almost 12 inches in the last 20 years, as SUV’s and so-called “Chelsea tractors” (4x4s) have grown in prominence. Even for relatively smaller car models, like the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper, the width of the vehicle has increased to an average of 6ft 5 inches. The 2020 Ford Focus is just under 6ft 1 inches compared to 5ft 5 inches for the year 2000 model.

But it’s not just car widths which have encouraged increasingly wide garages, extending the width of your garage has implied benefits of additional storage space and perhaps opens up more opportunities for what you use your garage for. Building a garage which can accommodate a 6000mm wide garage door could open up a world of possibilities for multiple uses, such as parking more than one car, all the way through to offices, gyms and playrooms. Plus, for a 6000mm wide garage door, you undoubtedly have lots of extra space so you can get in and out of your car more comfortably, swinging those doors wide open.

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