Monday 18 January 2016

Top 5 things to consider when buying a garage door

Garador offers advice on choosing a garage doorWhen you are looking to buy a new garage door, it’s sometimes tricky to know where to start. So we’ve created a list of top points to consider. You can view all the garage doors we offer on the Garador website, and if you want to find out more about the specifics of each door type why not view our garage doors explained page.

1. What the garage is being used for.
It’s an obvious one, but is sometimes overlooked… Is your garage used as a home office and therefore needs the garage door to be insulated? Or perhaps it is being used as a studio or business enterprise and would therefore require some natural light from windows in the door. Maybe you want to save space inside the garage, and would therefore be better off with a compact solution such as a roller door or canopy up and over door which does not have tracks running back into the garage. There’s lots to consider here…

2. Materials.
Garage doors are supplied in steel, timber, aluminium and GRP materials. Choosing the right material is likely to be driven by its appearance as well as practical issues such as how durable it is and how much maintenance is required. Steel is the most cost effective option and timber can provide a very natural, unique look. Our GaraRoll roller doors have aluminium laths which have corrosion resistant properties.

3. Security.
Security is often the most important consideration for homeowners, as they may store valuable goods in the garage or the garage maybe integral providing easy access to the house. All Garador up & over, sectional and GaraRoll roller doors have solid security features, and Garador also offers a range of Secured by Design accredited doors with additional security features.

4. Safety.
You don’t want the garage door to break or come crashing down on your car, so it’s important to choose one with built-in safety features. All Garador garage doors are engineered to comply with British Safety Standard BS EN 13241. For example, our canopy up and over doors have a built-in anti-drop device.

5. Budget.
It’s the elephant in the room, but is still an important consideration. A local Garador stockist/ installer will be able to help you choose the right garage door for your home and get it fitted, all within an agreed budget.

Check out for more information on all our garage doors.

Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!


It's a new year and there's always plenty to do and new years' resolutions to challenge us! Whether it's...

  • a new healthier diet
  • a new hobby
  • a new sport perhaps
  • volunteering for a charity
  • or simply making more time to catch up with friends...

What will you do?

We're constantly pushing forward to improve our products and will have lot's in store for 2016! Why not try creating your very own new garage door on our garage door builder...