Wednesday 5 October 2016

Check Out The New GaraRoll Lite Roller Door

We’ve just launched a new economy version of Garador’s popular GaraRoll roller garage door, the aptly named ‘GaraRoll Lite’. With a tubular driven motor design and insulated aluminium laths, this value added roller garage door is a great choice for homeowners looking for value, a functional design and quality engineering, all at an affordable price.

Garador GaraRoll Lite roller door in Golden Oak

Tubular Motor Driven Operator and Hand Transmitters
The GaraRoll Lite is supplied with a tubular motor driven operator and 2 hand transmitters as standard, as well as a hand crank for use to open/ close the door in the event of a power failure. A built-in internal courtesy light with 2 minute delay provides added convenience.

Cover Supplied as Standard
Not dissimilar to the original GaraRoll, the GaraRoll Lite is supplied with a full cover for the curtain, at the top of the garage door when it is rolled up.

Optical Sensor for Safety
An optical sensor has been fitted into the floor seal to ensure that the door curtain stops, in the event of an obstruction. It utilises light beam technology, whereby when the beam is broken the door will stop.

Easy to Install
The GaraRoll Lite is easy to install, with a handy-belt system for ease of fitting the curtain to the barrel, as with the standard GaraRoll.

Reduced Guide Width
Guides of 72mm which are not normally found on domestic roller doors, means the door can be fitted behind 75mm reveals.

With a significant cost advantage and an expertly engineered design, the GaraRoll Lite is a great choice for homeowners in need of a space saving garage door.