Wednesday 21 July 2021

10 useful suggestions for organising your garage

There are numerous ways to utilise the space inside your garage with neat and ingenious storage solutions, allowing you to arrange things in cupboards, racks, work stations, cabinets, bins and hanging from the walls or ceiling area. Making the most of the space inside your garage means you can fit more in or even make room to park your car. Let’s run through some useful suggestions for organising your garage.

1. Shelving System (Standalone and Suspended)


Introducing a shelving system into your garage is an excellent way to organise tools, storage boxes or even garden equipment. You can pick up a standalone storage system at your local DIY supplier fairly easily or even fit shelves to the walls of your garage to help make better use of the space inside.

Utilising the space above your garage door tracks, closer to the ceiling is also an excellent way to better utilise the space inside your garage; it will save floor space and provide more room for moving around and parking your car. It’s not always possible to put things on a suspended shelving system, as some garages simply don’t have the roof space. But where they do, putting things in boxes and placing them on a suspended shelving system could help to alleviate spacing shortages in the rest of your garage and it’s an especially practical solution for items which are rarely used such as photo albums, old clothes, suitcases, Christmas decorations or even a surfboard!

2. Tool Rack

A tool rack to help organise your work tools and make them easy to get to, is a superb idea. It helps to keep everything well-organised in one place and in good condition, so your handy collection of tools and gizmos that you’ve accumulated over the years don’t deteriorate. Tool racks often come with a variety of hooks and holders to suit whatever collection of screw drivers, clamps, spanners, Allen keys, hammers, levelling devices and other tools you might have in your kit.

Aside from making your tools easily accessible, wall racks often come in a range of different sizes ideal for fitting on the inside of your garage wall overlooking your work bench. This can really help to make life easier and improve your workflow as you aren’t having to walk around as much to find the right piece of equipment, when you are fixing something or making something on your work bench. You can normally pick one up for around £20-£40 from your local DIY supplier.


3. Work Bench

Having a work bench is a must for most garages, as it gives you a designated work space in which to repair electronics, painting and varnishing, build things, potting plants, support cutting equipment, clamping tools in place to prevent them from slipping or just for general DIY. They are such a versatile thing that can be used by people doing DIY to get things done.

Getting a work bench with some built-in drawers, shelves or cabinet storage is certainly an effective way to store tools and equipment. Most modern work benches have lockable cupboards and drawers to keep your possessions secure. Furthermore, it creates additional workspace for just about any hobby; it could even be used by scale model enthusiasts to paint their wares. They often have a really solid, thick worktop that’s perfect for DIY jobs as it won’t move or come unstuck.

4. Bike Rack

For all of the avid cyclists out there, a bike rack is a must have for storing your prized possession inside your garage. It’s an especially practical storage device for the winter months, when road cyclists are less likely to be out and about due to the more unfavourable weather conditions. In addition, it’s also useful for mountain bikes and less high-performance ones used for a leisurely ride.


5. Garden Tool Storage Holder


If you’ve got an impressive collection of longer garden tools like spades, rakes, forks and brooms then you will know just how tricky it can be to store these items neatly. Their unusual shapes and long handles mean they are often prone to falling over, so a garden tool holder can be a really useful bit of kit to keep them organised. Not to mention the fact that it is an excellent way to keep them safe and secure. Moreover, organising and utilising the space inside your garage a garden tool storage holder will help free up floor space for other stuff and make them easier to get to.

6. Multi-Tape Dispenser and Storage Device

If you are always fixing things with duct tape or just have an assortment of tapes dotted all over the house that are just plain awkward to get and difficult to remember where they are kept then a tape station might just be the thing you’ve always needed but never wanted! Getting all of your tapes organised in one place will no doubt save you time and effort in the long run, and by giving them a specific area you can free up space in another drawer or cupboard somewhere else.

7. Multi-Drawer Cabinet for Screws and Fixings

It’s only small but is incredibly useful for separating out all of your small components such as fuses, screws, washers and fixings and storing them neatly. The small plastic drawers that typically come with these cabinets mean they are easy to access, they keep your items dust free and they’re great dispensers as the screws sit in the drawers quite comfortably. The alternative is a set of wall-mounted plastic bins for storing your fuses, washers and other fixings. No need for drawers with this solution and again it is a very practical way of storing much smaller items. Moreover, as there are no draws you can simply peer into each bin until you find the thing you are looking for.

Either way it’s a much better use of space than old cans or glass jars full of nuts, bolts and washers and above all when you are in the middle of that all-important DIY project; you can locate the correct drawer and just pick out the fixing you need. With all of your screws, fixings and washers neatly organised you’ve no doubt freed up some space in the rest of your garage too.


8. Raised Shoe Storage

When your garage is attached to your house, you sometimes store things like walking shoes and wellington boots in there; especially if they are all sandy or muddy after you’ve been out and about walking in the countryside or on the beach. So storing that sort of footwear in the garage is sometimes the thing to do and thankfully there are lots of tried and tested solutions for storing footwear! Trying to organise shoes in the garage is pretty straightforward and you can keep your walking shoes or welly boots off the ground with a shoe rack!  

9. Labelled Tins, Bins or Tubs

There are always things around the house that are difficult to store, maybe they are awkward shapes or just tricky to put away. Childrens toys and footballs more often than not fall into that category, but if you’ve got some bins or tubs to put them in then that can be a pretty tidy way of storing them. Keeping some items at a raised height off the ground also reduces the risk of them being damaged by water.


10. Choose the Right Garage Door Type

If you really want to make the most effective use of the space inside your garage, choosing the right type of garage door for your space can also help. A GaraRoll roller garage door for example, doesn’t have any tracks running back into the garage as it rolls into a compact box at the head of the opening, so this type of door can be a much better way to utilise the ceiling space inside your garage.

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