Monday 29 June 2015

Going on your Summer Holidays? Check out these security tips…

Summer is finally here – the suns out, the weather is warm and at some point most families will be going away on their summer holidays to the Devon or Cornish coastlines, or abroad to places like France and Spain. We all travel hundreds of miles leaving our homes and garages unattended and whilst many think a break in will never happen to us, it’s always good to be prepared and ensure there are no easy points of entry to your home. So what are the most common points of entry? Let’s have a look…


Entrance Doors

Garador FrontGuard FGS700 front door and surroundOften, if it is a good neighbourhood, homeowners are inclined to leave their doors unlocked and even if the front door is locked, if there is a weak locking mechanism then unwanted intruders can still gain access to the property easily.

The Garador range of FrontGuard entrance doors have break in resistant RC2 security equipment, not to mention 5 point security locking. With 2 conical swing bolts, 2 security bolts and 1 additional lock bolt which insert into the frame’s lock plates, for even greater locking security, so the door can pulled tightly shut. FrontGuard doors also have 3 additional security bolts on the side hinges making it practically impossible to force the door open.


Garage Doors

Garador Carlton Up & Over garage door on houseGarage doors are often overlooked by their owners for their importance in preventing entry by burglars to their home. Despite accounting for as much as one-fifth of some homes, garage doors are sometimes viewed as an overpriced asset rather than a potential security risk and a lucrative entry point for an opportunistic burglar. A weak locking system, structurally poor chassis design and easily penetrable panel system are all perfect for burglars to take advantage of, which is why all Garador garage doors are equipped with specialist security features. Heck, we even introduced a specialist range of Secured by Design accredited Up & Over garage doors to deter those criminals even more.

Secured by Design (SBD), is an accreditation scheme owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) that promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products. Garador’s Guardian range is one of those product ranges. The Carlton, Horizon and Salisbury doors have been engineered to offer even greater security, with a reinforcing plate added to the lock body to prevent attacks against the locking mechanism and an anti-snap cylinder with sacrificial front to prevent entry. SBD doors also have 8 braces on the back of the door for extra strength and rigidity, rather than the standard 2 on other Up & Over garage doors.



Windows are another important security feature for any home and a potential point of entry for a burglar. Locking your windows, including those on a second story building, is an easy mistake to make but is worth doing if you are going away on holiday for a week or two.

It’s no surprise that most burglars don’t like a challenge because of the time and effort it will likely take them to overcome compared to the reward. There’s also the risk involved and the likelihood of getting caught. Timber windows that are old or worn are perceptually less of a challenge than new modern ones and will more than likely make the burglar think twice before breaking into your home.

So whilst you enjoy the sun, sea and sand this year, ask yourself is your home secure? Check out the Guardian Range of garage doors and our FrontGuard front door range.

Thursday 4 June 2015

Pedalling from Garador to Paris!

Two of Garador’s keenest cyclists, Steve Cottle and Geoff Babiy have just taken part in a charity cycle ride from Garador’s offices in Yeovil all the way to Paris and back again. They left all the high tech machinery behind at Garador’s modern Yeovil manufacturing facility for a life on the open road… for a few days at least!

Cyclists leaving the grounds of the Garador factory in Yeovil

All this was done to raise money for the local Yeovil Rotary Charity Fundraisers through their ‘Get Pedalling Programme’ which supports the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Cyclists Fighting Cancer.