Thursday 11 June 2020

Four garage door paint colours to brighten your house

Trends come and go in garage door design, and painted colour finishes are no exception! Traditionally, garage doors have been supplied in colours such as white or brown, which homeowners have become accustomed to, but with the advent of new more efficient painting technologies, it is possible to paint a wider range of attractive colours at a more cost effective price.

Today, there are a few painted colour finishes that are increasingly popular for garage doors among new build housing developments and refurbishments.

Garador Design Range 200 garage door

Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
It’s without doubt, one of the most prominent colour choices for garage doors at the moment. It’s distinctive grey tone complements key building materials, such as painted render, brickwork and wooden cladding, without diminishing its eye-catching presence.

It’s mainstay as one of the most recognisable colours in not only modern garage door design, but also modern home design, has seen it continually specified by architects on new build homes, commercial outlets and city centre developments in recent years, especially where the doors and windows are visually distinctive and standout against white rendered brickwork. One of the greatest advantages to Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), is that the darker grey tone is more forgiving from a cleaning and maintenance point of view, hiding the dust and dirt which builds up overtime. Brighter colours such as Traffic White (RAL 9016), are more likely to show the dirt.

It’s availability as a colour across so many different building materials, such as entrance doors, windows, cladding and external furniture products, has no doubt helped to boost its popularity, as homeowners can unify their colour palette with matching garage doors, entrance doors and window frames.

An Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) Design Range 200 garage door has a minimalist design and smooth panel, which is perfect for contemporary architecture, and when supplied with a brushed steel handle, it accentuates the door’s sleek design and makes a great first impression.

Slate Grey (RAL 7015)
Added to the standard colour range for Garador steel up & over garage doors in 2019, Slate Grey (RAL 7015) continues to grow in popularity, with an understated modern tone. It has increasingly been used as a colour for new kitchens and window frames, so the availability of the colour for other core building materials means you can achieve a more cohesive look with a matching garage door, front door and window frames.

As one of the most trendy colours, you are sure to achieve great kerb appeal with Slate Grey and is certainly not a choice of colour you would regret. Not dissimilar to Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), its darker tone means that from an aesthetic point of view, it requires less maintenance as it doesn’t show any dirt, dust or grime that will no doubt accrue on the surface of the door panel. When combined with slate chipping, darker slabbing and lush green plants in the garden and surrounding environment, Slate Grey really blends in well.

A Slate Grey (RAL 7015) Ascot garage door is great choice for this modern colour, syncing well with the Ascot garage door’s modern design.

Chartwell Green (BS 4800)
Chartwell Green really came to the fore after it was used by former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, to paint the furniture in his garden at his country house near Westerham in Kent. The name of his country house was “Chartwell” and so the paint uses the same name.

If you’re looking for design inspiration in the exterior and interior design of your home, then Chartwell Green is a superb choice. It’s notably lighter green tone imparts a feeling of tranquillity and mother nature, but also retains a sense of quality that corresponds well with more rustic wooden materials, painted whites and traditional ornaments.

One of its most redeeming features is how it brings a real touch of the countryside to your home. It’s availability as a colour used for window frames, front doors and cladding, has seen it use grow, especially for renovated country homes or traditionally refurbished properties.

A Chartwell Green (BS 4800) Beaumont garage door is an excellent choice, combining classic light green tones with elegant Georgian panel pressings.

Traffic White (RAL 9016)
Last but not least, garage doors painted in white are still an extremely popular choice and some would say a timeless classic as whilst colour fashions come and go, white won’t look out of place on your garage door as the decades roll on. Garador’s Traffic White (RAL 9016) garage doors are no different, no matter whether choosing an up & over, sectional, roller or side-hinged door.

White retains its subtle impact, drawing attention to other aspects of the house such as the structure or design. One of the great things about white is that it works well with wide profile or Georgian style designs of garage door, with the former lending itself better to modern architecture and the latter working well for traditional home design; but the choice of white as a colour delivering the same neutral appearance for each.

A Horizon or Carlton steel garage door in Traffic White (RAL 9016) will work well on almost any property, blending in neatly with garages on semi-detached new builds or detached homes.

Are there other popular colours you’ve seen on garage doors? If so, please let us know in the comments below. Check out the full range of colours across the Garador range, please visit