Tuesday 23 February 2016

New Enhanced GaraRoll Roller Door Design Now Available

Wider guide rails now 110mm, not 100mm wideOur GaraRoll garage doors are one of the best engineered roller garage doors currently available on the market, and with a new enhanced door design they are now even more durable and efficient. During 2015, our product design team worked to make key changes to deliver a more water-tight door motion, a better sealed header box and a more maintenance friendly design.

The width of the guide rails which run vertically down each side of the door have been increased to 110mm and two more brush seals have been applied to each guide rail, resulting in a more water tight door motion.

New hinge connector feature on Garador roller doorWith a new hinge connector and sealing component added to the roller box, which fits at the head of the garage door opening, the new GaraRoll roller box is better sealed and easier to access for any maintenance work.

From January 2016, all GaraRoll roller doors will be manufactured with this new design. To view the full range of Garador roller garage doors, please visit the Garador website.

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