Monday 11 April 2022

Removal of plastic packaging

Garador's plastic wrapping machine at it's Yeovil manufacturing facility

As part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and be kinder to the environment, we have been looking at a number of ways to make Garador products more environmentally friendly. One of the key areas we are looking to make changes is with the packaging of our products, by removing plastic packaging as standard on our up & over garage doors.

The packaging waste regulations are in place to ensure that businesses are responsible for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste in the UK. Whilst we cover our obligation in financial terms, we do see a need to be more responsible in our actions to proactively reduce waste. From April 2022 the UK government will introduce a new Plastic Packaging Tax for businesses which will have an impact on all of us. This should hopefully encourage the reduction in use of plastic, help to tackle plastic packaging waste and provide businesses with the right incentives to recognise the impact on the environment.

Garador will therefore start to phase out plastic wrapping as standard on all up & over garage doors for all orders processed after 1st June 2022. Plastic protection can still be requested as an optional extra as listed in our price list. Please make it clear on all orders if you wish wrapping to be provided.

Please visit our website for further details about our full range of products. 

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