Wednesday 17 November 2021

Contemporary architecture and garage door design

Garador Linear Large sectional garage door in Traffic White (RAL 9016)

Garador’s wide profiled and more minimalist garage doors are the perfect accompaniment to contemporary architecture.  Buildings with contemporary architectural design are often characterised by their individuality, with designs that are radically different to what has come before and built using a multitude of different building materials and methods of construction. Yet they remain eye-catchingly “modern” to the uninitiated.

Thus Garador’s more modern minimalist door designs, work well with this philosophy and their simplicity means they don’t look out of place on a completely unique design of building. The steel up & over designs of the Windsor and Ascot are compliant with both vertical and horizontal linear surroundings and work well with more free-form aspects too. The clean lines and smooth plain surfaces of the door mean they accommodate contemporary architectural design. The surface of the door panel is flat, being held together by spot welds, eliminating the need for rivets or other methods of construction that would detract from the door’s plain appearance.

But styles of garage door with a minimalist feel are not just limited to up & over models, there are sectional garage doors that naturally appeal to contemporary architectural design as well. Given the way they are engineered, they are inherently secure and well-insulated delivering a high-quality solution that is difficult to match elsewhere. The Linear Large model in particular utilises wide open panels with a very subtle linear indentation that runs horizontally along the door marking the join between door sections. The Duragrain decors of the Linear Large model, where a decorative print is applied directly to the surface of the door, also provides further options and directions to go in.

Mid-century modern design often seen in residential properties from the 1950s and 1960s, have helped lay the foundations for the inspiration of some of the interior and exterior design trends we see today, with sharp lines, minimal decoration, wide-open spaces and floor to ceiling windows. Buildings from the mid-20th century all the way through to the present day, exhibit traits of mid-century modern design. Today’s contemporary architectural design with its open floor plans, free form shapes, large windows and integration into the surrounding landscape are leading the way in cutting edge home design; and these are just some common characteristics of this contemporary approach to architecture in residential properties.

The popularity of television shows like mad men or even consumer electronics products from major brands such as Apple, have oriented colour tastes towards blacks, greys, whites and generally neutral tones. The effects of popular culture can be seen in the products we buy, the clothes we wear and of course the houses we live in. An increasingly neutral colour palette, has been adopted by homeowners and architects, and so Garador have seen a notable growth in the popularity of certain colours for its garage doors like Anthracite Grey, Slate Grey and Traffic White.

As minimalist design trends flourish in the homes and garages currently on the drawing boards of architects, it’s worth noting that it’s not just the one-off unique building styles that the Windsor, Ascot and Linear Large garage door tends  to attract, but rather it lends itself to the uniformity and repetition of new build housing developments also.

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