Tuesday 10 October 2017

Our hand transmitter signals just got faster

Garador 4 button micro hand transmitter in matt blackThe signals transmitted from our Garador Series 3 hand transmitters are now even faster. Hand transmitters supplied with new GaraMatic operators will be upgraded with new software which enables a faster signal transmission, with obvious benefits of even faster response times for when you open your garage door.

Existing features such as the use of bi-directional FM radio signals, which use the same 128-bit encryption employed by banks for online banking security, mean the signal transmitted is very secure and almost impossible to copy. The bi-directional technology also means that the hand transmitters transmit a more reliable signal and can be used from further away from your garage. So if you are in the market for an automatic garage door, then our GaraMatic operators and handsets are a great choice.

In addition, Garador’s GaraMatic operators and hand transmitters continue to use rolling code technology, which means that each time a signal is sent from your Garador hand transmitter, a slightly different radio frequency is used, making it almost impossible for anyone to copy the signal or gain access to your garage through the garage door.

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