Tuesday 13 June 2017

To insulate, or not to insulate?… That is the question

Garador Linear Large Sectional garage door in Traffic White

There’s plenty to choose from in terms of types of garage doors these days, with up and over, side hinged, sectional and roller doors. With summer upon us, its easy to forget just how cold our winters can get… snow, wind, rain all things which our garage doors need to withstand. But not all of these doors are constructed with insulation built into the design.

Garador’s sectional garage doors are supplied in two variations: Premium and Classic.

  • Premium sectional doors have 42mm thick PU rigid foam (CFC free) and is constructed with double skinned steel surfaces.
  • Classic sectional doors have no insulation and are constructed using a single skin steel surface.

Not having insulation isn’t necessarily a bad thing and offers a substantial cost advantage that works particularly well for detached garages where thermal insulation might not be as important.

But where thermal insulation is a key consideration, a premium sectional garage door is likely the way to go. These sectional doors have side, floor and fascia seals. As well as intermediate seals, between each door section.

View the full range of sectional garage doors online.

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