Friday 30 September 2016

Do more with your GaraMatic operator, with the new 4-button hand transmitter

Very soon, our GaraMatic operator packages will be supplied with a new compact 4 button garage door hand transmitter. The new 4 button hand transmitters will incorporate the same ultra-secure technology and ergonomic design as their 2 button counterparts.

So for customers seeking a compact hand transmitter design that will fit on their key ring, or in their pocket more easily than some of the more bulky handsets currently on the market, whilst offering 4 buttons instead of 2, this is a great addition.

Control More Doors with a Compact Design: Because the new hand transmitter has 4 buttons, you can control up to 4 doors, where it was previously just 2 doors.

Programme Each of the 4 Buttons to Perform a Different Function: With more buttons, you could programme one button on the handset to open a gate or garage door, a second button to open the garage door, a third button to turn on the light on the GaraMatic 10 operator unit and, possibly the fourth button to activate the partial opening feature.

Matt Black Textured Surface: The new 4 button hand transmitter features the understated, classy matt black textured surface.

Ultra-Secure Technology: The new 4 button hand transmitter utilises high frequency (868 MHz) encryption signals for added security, ensuring no one can copy your signal. Furthermore, the use of bi-directional radio signals increases the range and reliability of the handset, enabling customers to control their garage door from even further away.

As current stocks run out, GaraMatic operator units will be replaced and shipped with new handsets; two 4 button hand transmitters for GaraMatic 9, and a 4 button and 5 button hand transmitter with GaraMatic 10 and 20 models. For further information on this hand transmitter, check out the Garador website.

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