Tuesday 20 January 2015

Gas Prices Drop – But could you be saving money on your energy bills elsewhere?

Earlier this week British gas stated that they will drop their prices by 5% and lots of other energy suppliers have followed suit, so that could help to save some money on your heating bills. But you could be saving money elsewhere, not just by installing renewables such as solar panels or air source heat pumps. But by insulating your home – walls, roof, windows and of course doors. We’ve got front doors and garage doors covered, with a range of super thermally efficient designs in our FrontGuard front doors and Sectional garage door ranges. FrontGuard have 46mm thick high-density insulating foam and FrontGuard Plus have 65mm thick high density insulating foam. When you combine that with a 42mm Garador sectional garage door, you’re quids in!

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