Friday 31 October 2014

Have you seen our new Cedar and Elizabethan timber garage doors?

Picture of Addlington Cedar timber garage door on homeWe have two ranges for our timber up & over doors, Cedar doors which are made from solid red cedar as the name implies, and Elizabethan doors which are made from a combination of solid red cedar and plywood. We’ve just added four new doors to the range:

The new Countryman, Hampton and Addlington doors are constructed from solid red cedar and offer more choice and more options when trying to choose a door that will match your home’s architectural features.

Grown in cooler climates, the cedar wood has developed self-protective qualities to protect against temperature related stresses. It is useful as a home building material where humidity, temperature and cracking are common problems. Whilst many types of wood warp when subjected to moisture; cedar stays straight and flat and should last a lifetime if properly maintained. This makes it ideal for a garage door. Cedar wood doors can be stained and painted and not lose their beautiful grained appearance. All Garador timber doors come with a base stain as standard. A choice of stains and paint finishes are also available to enhance the appearance and appeal.

We have also added a new style of door to its Elizabethan range called the Grantham; which combines solid red cedar and a plywood backing to offer a different style of design without compromising on value for money. Please visit the Garador website for more information.

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