Wednesday 31 July 2013

What handsets do I get with a Series 3 GaraMatic Operator?

We’ve had a few questions as of late, asking what handsets you get with a Series 3 GaraMatic operator. Series 3 Handsets are now available in black as standard with all Series 3 GaraMatic operators, including the GaraMatic 9, 10 and 20.

Each GaraMatic Operator features the following handsets:

Operator Handsets Included
GaraMatic-9-operatorGaraMatic 9 garador-handset-blackgarador-handset-black
GaraMatic 10-20 operatorGaraMatic 10 garador-handset-black-largegarador-handset-black
GaraMatic 10-20 operatorGaraMatic 20 garador-handset-black-largegarador-handset-black

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