Wednesday 5 June 2013

There’s more to Series 3 handsets and operators than first meets the eye

With the launch of our stylish new range of Series 3 handsets and operators, we thought it would be interesting to run through some of the new useful features such as bisecur radio communication, LED indicators to tell you the current position of your door, a longer battery life than handsets currently available on the market and an easy to program design, there’s plenty of incentives to purchase or upgrade to a new Series 3 garage door operator and handset. 

Handsets are Available in Two Colours and Various Sizes
Series 3 handsets are available in two colours: black and white, with black as standard with any GaraMatic Operator, and white as an option. These handsets are convenient for the operation of your Garador garage door, and they also have a long battery life so you aren't constantly changing batteries.

We offer four types of handset with a sleek piano lacquer finish:

  • 1 button handset
  • 2 button handset
  • 4 button handset
  • 5 button handset

5 button and 2 button handsets in black and white are featured below.

Garador two button and five button Series 3 handsets black and white

Led indicator system on Garador garage door five button hand transmitterGarador 5 Button Handset Provides Door Status Information
The 5 button handset can be programmed to indicate whether your garage door is open or closed at the touch of a button, meaning the customer doesn’t have to venture outside on a wet winters night.

A multi-coloured LED light indicates the door position, as indicated in the diagram below

1.    Yellow indicates that the operator is checking whether the door is open or closed.
2.    Red indicates that the garage door is open.
3.    Blue indicates that the handset is transmitting data.
4.    Green indicates that the garage door is closed.


 Woman checking whether sectional garage door is open or closed

Increased Security
Handsets transmit using 128 bit encryption, which is often used by banks for customers to bank online securely; ensuring no one can copy your radio signal!

Increased Range and Reliability
Series 3 handsets now also use bi-directional radio signals, which increase the range and reliability of the signal.

Backwards Compatible with Older Operators
Series 3 handsets are compatible with earlier versions of Garador operators (since 2005), enabling customers to purchase a new handset without a new operator.

Easy to Setup
Garador’s Series 3 handsets and operators are easy to program, with a 7 segment double digit display on the operator itself (GaraMatic 10 and 20 only), along with a clear and easy to use set of instructions.

Garador gloss white five button hand transmitter and standErgonomic Design
Sleek piano lacquer style finish and an elegant shape that fits easily in the palm of your hand, make the Series 3 Garador handset the must have Gadget of 2013.

Handset Stands
Hand transmitter stands are available for both white (see right) and black 1 button, 4 button and 5 button handsets, to help keep your handset safe and easy to access. These are available to order direct from Garador.

If you require any further information please contact the Garador Sales Team on 01935 443 722. Click here to view the latest price list. To find your nearest stockist visit

Please let us know your thoughts on the new handsets in the comments section below!

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